*NOTICE: At this time, we are not paying for accepted submissions.  Please note that we (the editors) do not get paid for the work we do on this magazine either; we simply want to provide a place for authors to showcase their work.  Similarly, all rights to the pieces published on this site belong to their authors, not to The Four Cornered Universe.  

If you submit your work for consideration, we will assume that you have agreed to these conditions.  If any of these policies ever change, we will gladly let you know.


If you follow these submission guidelines, you have a much higher chance of being published than authors who do not:

  1. Send all submissions to
  2. The subject line should be in this format: Category – Title – Name of Author.
  3. Send each piece in a separate email.
  4. If you would like to include links to your blog/website/social media account and a short biography (a paragraph or two at most, please!), we would be happy to publish these along with your piece.



There are no minimum word count limits for poetry (we’re open to posting a haiku), just please don’t send us multiple poems in one email.

Flash Fiction

Anything under 500 words that does not fall into the “Poetry” category.

Short Fiction

500-5000 words.  We might make allowances for slightly longer or shorter pieces.

Serial Fiction

Queries only.  If you have a finished manuscript of 40,000 words or less that could be published in weekly installments, please send us a one-paragraph synopsis and the first chapter of your work at


Essays, metafiction, and satire pieces under 5000 words.