“Waiting at Bloomingdale’s” – H. Brad Halverson

They spoon, some delicate,
others with an intensity.

An outburst of “hi”s,
enthusiasm conveyed
with rapidly
ascending pitch.

They prance around
in their work-out leggings,
every shade of hair,
almost consistent with the
past-the-shoulder length.

The poise with which
they carry the plastic
containers of frozen yogurt –

it almost seems as law –
the length of their hair,
their pants so formly clinging.

© 2016 H. Brad Halverson

H. Brad Halverson received a BA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and now Lives in Brooklyn NY. His writing has been featured in Five on the Fifth fiction magazine, La Volpe poetry blog, and The Burgundy journal of style. The End and the Echo, Halverson’s first novella, is now available in print.