“The Mouth” – Matthew Mogavero

Why do I think too much? asked the man to a wall. Ask yourself that, replied the wall.
So he did,
all through the cramped enclosure of nighttime and past the crawling fingers
of sunlight,
and again, and again; until the man forgot what he was thinking about.
The man was distracted by the mouth that grew in his stomach, with an appetite
that caused the mouth
to devour the man from within, like a magician making a handkerchief disappear in
his fist…

© 2016 Matthew Mogavero

Matthew Mogavero is from Florida. He studied English-Creative Writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa and left with a bachelor’s degree. He has been published before in PANK and currently, Matthew can be found either wandering around somewhere or playing an instrument in a dim room. Sometimes he may even be found making voices for any animals around him.

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