“Biting Into A Gummy” – Aja Hannah

Molars slice gelatin flesh and burst
sharp, sweet pain shivering through cheeks,
caressing upwards the pink membrane with neuro-fires
pausing to burn love at a pit stop in the nasal tissues,
losing force in the temples, and coming to rest behind closed eyes.

Saliva pours, kicking lids open
pooling on the floor and dripping from spit valves hiding under insides of lips.
Slick are the sides of old drainage lines,
stinging with enzymes and electrolytes,
mucus and glycoproteins.

A wet carpet of papillae and red dye number 40

© 2016 Aja Hannah

Freelance writer and author, Aja (Asia) Hannah is usually described as intense and odd, but fun. In 2013, she published the YA novel Zarconian Island with indie publisher Curiosity Quills. In that same year, she won the Columbia Writers Association award for creative nonfiction for a separate piece. Since then, she’s given talks at conventions, bookstores, and schools in Hawaii.

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