“Wrestlers in Training” – Mack Curry IV

I threw my two-year-old brother when I was nine,
to the brown couch ten feet away.
He didn’t make it to the couch, but he was fine.

Picked him up and said, “Shhh, stop crying. You’ll be okay.”
As his gap-toothed laughter turned into crocodile tears,
I thought about the punishment I would receive that day.

We practiced wrestling moves on the basement mattress for years;
Choke slams and power bombs resulted in broken lamps and desks.
Blood and visible bruises were two of our biggest fears.

Bowties and uniforms now fill our closets as we reflect,
on moments when we would punch each other in the chest.

© 2016 Mack Curry IV

Mack Curry IV is a graduating poet in the Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  He is a native of Bowie, Maryland, and he currently resides in Hampton, Virginia.

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