“Bad Decisions” – Mack Curry IV

My dick sometimes gets me in trouble.
My hands also get me in trouble.

My brain stops functioning during sex,
which usually lands in me in trouble.

My mouth says “come over tonight.”
In the past this would always be trouble.

Her red Saturn pulls into the parking lot.
She gets out, and I know I’m in trouble.

She wears only a trench coat and heels.
Drop the coat, and I know I’m in trouble.

We go to the bedroom and strip,
both naked to start some trouble.

She says to tie a leather belt around her neck
and grab a condom to prevent future trouble.

Open my eyes to realize I’ve been dreaming.
Never responded to her text, so now I’m in trouble.

© 2016 Mack Curry IV

Mack Curry IV is a graduating poet in the Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  He is a native of Bowie, Maryland, and he currently resides in Hampton, Virginia.

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